Russian dry manicure with three nail drill bits

by Anastasia Julia

A quick demonstration of how to perform a dry manicure using our three most popular nail drill bits. All electric file bits have a use and each nail technician has their own preferences of what they prefer. In this time lapse you will see our most popular bits. Starting with our Double cut carbide bit. This bit makes gel polish removal quick and easy. The next bit in is our diamond flame drop which is used to begin the cleaning of the cuticle and also push the cuticle up from the nail, allowing for a longer lasting manicure. The final bit is our medium grit ball which is used to remove and clean away dead skin from the cuticle. These are some of the most common bits used in a dry machine manicure. Three pack available at a discounted rate. We also have plenty more bits (here) to choose from and depending on the need, style and preference of each nail technician.