IBDI Geometric nail decals / sliders

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IBDI has the best nail decal designs for creating beautiful and interesting nail art. Geometric nail decals are perfect for your next manicure. Geometric nail decals create striking unique designs that make it simple to elevate your manicure to the next level. Regardless if you are a nail tech, salon or at home manicurist these decals make nail art easy. Creating stunning and elegant designs with IBDI nail decals has never been easier. You can simply apply the decals as are or once the decal has been applied you can fill them in with additional gel polish to make your nail art stand out even more. These waterlide nail decals are extremely easy to use. Please visit our blog for a full nail tutorial on how to apply nail decals.  

Highlights of nail decal:

Decal #349

Classy and elegant designs 

Black and white

Enough for 40 nails

Easy to use, wet and apply before gel polish top coat

Apply with manicure or pedicure for stylish look for date night

Use at home or nail technicians can use them in a professional salon

Designs in nail decal: Geometric, Triangle, Dream Catcher, Rose