STALEKS PRO Exclusive 30, Magnolia, cuticle scissors, manicure tool SX-30-1

  • $39.99
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Professional quality hand sharpened cuticle scissors designed to be sharpened again and again. 

  • the perfect balance between the thickness of the sheets and the sharpness
  • tapered tips
  • classic bending radius of the blades (R300mm)
  • shortened handles - ensure the accuracy of the movements of the master
  • manual sharpening under a microscope
  • polished cutting surface for more
  • high-quality cuticle cut
  • high hardness and smooth running
  • high product strength

Flawless finish guarantees pleasant tactile feeling and ensures extra corrosion resistance

highly corrosion-resistant AISI 420 steel, flawless finish and exceptional hardness contribute to long instrument service life.


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