10 Nail Designs For Pretty Nails during Summer

by Anastasia Julia

Planning Summer Nail Designs


Why Plan Nail Designs?

Manicure nail designs can be an important part of a beauty regime. They can add a touch of class and sophistication or be fun and playful to your overall look. If you have a wedding, concert or a night out on the town then planning your design in advance can be a great way to start off your event. A properly performed manicure can also help to protect your nails from damage.

A Range of Designs

There are many different types of manicure styles to choose from. Ranging from simple nail designs to intricate pieces of nail art. The entire range can fill a variety of purposes. Some of the most popular summer designs include classic French manicures, flower nail art, chrome nails and gel nails.

How to Choose the Right Nail Design

When choosing nail designs, it is important to consider your personal style and preferences. Do you have a special event you are attending? What would you like to portray with your nails? You should also take into account the shape and size of your nails as well as any colors you may want to match if you are attending an event.

The Best Nail Designs for the Summer Season

If you are looking for a beautiful and stylish manicure for the summer season, then you should consider PNB or ICEGEL gel nail polishes. These color palettes are perfect for the hot summer weather. They boast a wide selection with ICEGEL carrying stunning cat eye polish including a beautiful gold nail color while PNB carries some of the best colors with pink nails, white nails or nude nails. Both of these brands will also last longer than traditional polish lines.

10 Nail Designs for the Summer Season

Summer is the perfect time to experiment and try out new nail art! Whether you opt for a classic, beach-ready French manicure or a modern, edgy design, there are plenty of different nail designs that are sure to make a statement this summer. Here are 10 of the best manicure designs to try this summer season:


  1. Chrome nails: Add a bit of sparkle to your look with chrome nail polish. ICEGEL’s cat eye polish, which we believe is the best nail polish, and is the perfect complement. This look is perfect for summer nights out!Chrome nails created using ICEGEL start galaxy gel polish, Russian manicure performed for cuticle work.
  2. Black French Nails: Take the classic French manicure to the next level with selecting different gel polish color schemes. One of our favorites is to create standard pink nails and then finish with black French tips where the white part of the French would traditionally be applied.Black nail designs for French manicure, Russian manicure performed for perfect cuticlesFrench manicure with black tips, Russian manicure performed for perfect cuticle work
  3. Multi-colored Ombré Nails: The ombré nail design will never go out of style and it looks even more amazing with multiple colors. We carry a wide range of pigments and powders to create that perfect combination. If you are looking for the perfect nail brush to create your ombré nail designs.Pink and white ombre nail designs, Russian manicure performed for perfect cuticles
  4. Summery Floral Designs: Add a touch of color and femininity to your nails with flower-inspired designs. You can hand paint flowers directly to your nails or use any of our flower nail decals to make sure you get the perfect flower nail art!Russian manicure with flower nail decals
  5. Pink and White Nails: This simple nail design is a timeless classic. Perfect for a special occasion or to make sure you have pretty nails for every day.Pink and white nails created with gel nail polish
  6. White Nails: This minimalist look is ideal for a more casual, everyday look. Add a little extra to make them silver nails as well!White nails for a simple nail design, cuticle work performed with Russian manicure
  7. Animal Print Nails: Add a wild print to your nails with trendy animal prints. Hand paint them or use nail decals for that perfect look.Animal print nail designs with, Russian manicure performed for cuticle work
  8. Marble Accent Nails: Add some extra texture and color to your look with stone accents. We carry specific liquid marble polish colors making this nail design easier to create.Marble nail art, cuticle work done with Russian manicure nail drill bits
  9. Blue Matte Nails: Blue nail designs look fantastic in matte. Silver or Gold foil nails are also the perfect complement to that already beautiful blue.Matte blue gel nail polish with silver nails foil, Russian manicure used for cuticle work
  10. Glitter accents: This design surely catches the eye. Create any style of manicure such as a nude nail design and use your nail art brushes to add small amounts of glitter for that perfect summer manicure.Glitter accent on pink nails, Russian manicure performed with nail drill bits for perfect cuticles

How to Choose the Right Nail Art

When it comes to selecting the perfect nail designs, there are a few important things to consider.


Your Skin Tone: Your skin tone and hair color will play a role in how certain colors look on you. Generally, darker skin tones look great with jewel tones and bold colors, while lighter skin tones look best with neutral colors.
Your Style: A manicure should reflect your personal style, whether that’s bold and daring, fun and playful, or classic and elegant. Think about the gel colors, nail shapes, and designs that most suit your personality.
Longevity: Consider how much time and effort you are willing to put into your “after” manicure routine. Simple designs tend to be easier to maintain and last longer than more intricate designs. This also applies to what kind of activities you engage in. If your nails are under consistent stress, they can ship or break much faster than someone who has less impact on their nails.


Once you’ve determined your skin tone, style, and maintenance level, you are ready to choose the perfect nail designs for summer!

Tips Maintaining Your Pretty Nails

Once you’ve applied your nail design, the next step is to properly maintain your stunning look. Here are the 2 big tips to help you keep your nail designs looking just as beautiful as the day you got it:


Cleanse: Nails need regular cleansing to keep your manicure looking neat and tidy. Regular washing with soap and a curette to clean under the nails will make sure they present beautifully.
Protect: Avoid situations where your nails will experience impact. Not only can the wrong sort of pressure on the nail chip or crack the polish or nail it can also be extremely painful.
Moisturize: Moisturizing your hands regularly is also essential to help keep your manicure looking fresh. Use a moisturizing lotion or cream immediately after your manicure to keep your nails hydrated. Apply cuticle oil around the cuticles and nail plate to help stop lifting and separation.