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233 products

      233 products
      Elegant unique snake nail decals for manicure or pedicure
      snake obsession nail decals for manicures and pedicures
      IBDI AIR 158 black and white snakes nail decals / sliders #Air 158
      IBDI nail decals for manicures and pedicures
      IBDI nail sliders for manicures and pedicures
      IBDI Words on nail decals / sliders #425
      Provocative and sexy flower nail decals
      Lingerie nail decals for manicures
      IBDI Lingerie and flowers nail decals / sliders #444
      IBDI Summer nail decals for manicures and pedicures
      Waterslide decals for nail art
      IBDI Sun and Moon nail decals / sliders #508
      Really cool and bad ass snake and skull nail decals and sliders
      Rock star nail slider for manicure
      IBDI Cool rock star nail decals / sliders #446
      Pagan and alien nail decals and sliders
      Cool manicures created with ufo designs
      IBDI Alien UFO Pagan nail decals / sliders #431
      Dirty words nail decals and sliders
      Dirty word slider and nail decal
      IBDI Dirty nail decals / sliders
      IBDI Abstract nail decals
      IBDI Geometric waterslide decals
      IBDI Abstract Geometric nail decals / sliders 507
      IBDI B&W Geometry nail decals / sliders #377
      IBDI nail decals for manicures and pedicures
      IBDI nail sliders for manicures and pedicures
      IBDI Valentines Day nail decals / sliders #412
      Word nail decals and sliders with gold foil
      Gold foil nail decals and sliders
      IBDI Air Foil words nail decals / sliders #Air Foil 1
      IBDI Abstract nail decals and sliders
      IBDI Abstract smoke nail decals / sliders #Air 166
      Sexy and provocative nail decals for manicures and pedicures
      IBDI Sexy lingerie nail decals / sliders #445
      Stylish geometric with flowers nail decals for manicures and pedicures
      modern geometric nail designs with flowers for manicure or pedicure
      IBDI Colorful 14 geometry with roses nail decals / sliders
      Dragon nail decals and sliders for manicures and pedicures
      Nail sliders and decals of dragons
      IBDI Dragon nail decals / sliders
      IBDI Fashion nail decals
      Fashion waterslide nail decals for manicures and pedicures
      IBDI Fashion nail decals / sliders #504
      IBDI Geometric pattern nail decals / sliders #Air 134
      Super cute valentines day cat nail decals
      Love nail sliders for manicures
      IBDI Valentines Day Love nail decals / sliders #447
      Geometric line nail decals for manicures and pedicures
      Palm tree nail decals and sliders for manicure or pedicure
      IBDI Geometric lines and palm nail decals / sliders #462
      Marker nail decals and sliders for manicures and pedicures
      Marker sliders nail decals
      IBDI Marker nail decals / sliders #440
      IBDI Leaf nail decals
      IBDI Leaf and Fashion nail decals / sliders #Colorful 47
      Abstract geometric IBDI nail decals for nail art
      Abstract geometric IBDI nail decals for nail art, AIR FOIL 19
      IBDI Abstract geometric nail decals / sliders AIR FOIL 19
      Foil IBDI waterslide nail decals for summer manicures and pedicures
      Foil IBDI waterslide nail decals for summer manicures and pedicures
      IBDI Cool foil nail decals / sliders #Air foil 22
      Beautiful black and white butterfly nail decals
      Nail sliders for manicures and pedicures
      IBDI Butterfly nail decals / sliders #Air 124
      Abstract leaf decals and sliders
      Beautiful nail decals and sliders for at home use or in professional salon
      IBDI Abstract leaf nail decals / sliders #Colorful 32
      Abstract IBDI waterslide nail decals for manicures and pedicures
      IBDI decals with abstract shapes and foil for nail art
      IBDI Abstract nail decals / sliders AIR FOIL 16
      IBDI nail decals for manicures and pedicures
      Example of high quality manicure with IBDI nail decals
      IBDI People nail decals / sliders
      IBDI Fashion nail decals
      IBDI Flower and Fashion nail decals / sliders #Colorful 48
      Abstract line nail art decals and sliders
      Line art manicure and pedicure
      IBDI Line nail decals / sliders #Colorful 31
      Leafs and butterfly nail decals
      Nail sliders perfect for manicures and pedicures
      IBDI Butterfly and flower nail decals / sliders #113
      Geometric leaf nail decals and sliders
      abstract nails decals and sliders for manicures and pedicures
      IBDI Abstract leaf nail decals / sliders #AIR 162
      Gold foil waterslide nail decals for fall and autumn
      Manicure with IBDI decals
      IBDI Gold foil leaf and flower nail decals / sliders #Air Foil 13
      IBDI Designer nail decals
      IBDI Leaf and Fashion nail decals / sliders #Colorful 49
      Super beautiful and amazing nail art decals
      IBDI 3D Venzel pattern nail decals / sliders #3D 9
      Fun and playful leopard print sliders and decals
      Leopard manicure and pedicure slider
      IBDI Leopard nail decals / sliders #448
      Abstract line nail decals
      IBDI Abstract nail decals / sliders #Air 170
      Wispy and whimsical nail decals and sliders
      IBDI Leaf and feather nail decals / sliders #435
      IBDI 3D feather nail decals / sliders #3D-26
      Faces on nail decals and sliders
      IBDI Abstract faces decals / sliders #Colorful 30
      Beautiful flower nail decals and sliders for manicures and pedicures
      Flower decals and sliders for a beautiful manicure and pedicure
      IBDI Flowers and Rose nail decals / sliders Colorful 28

      Nail Decals and Stickers: Elevating Nail Art with Endless Creativity

      Nail stickers and decals are delightful innovation in the realm of nail art and have transformed the way individuals express their style and creativity on their fingertips. These miniature works of art, often made of thin, flexible materials, open a world of possibilities for both professional nail technicians and enthusiasts. Let's will dive into the fascinating world of nail decals, unraveling the diverse types of decals and stickers available and the myriad ways they can be used to create stunning and personalized nail art.

      Understanding Nail Decals and Stickers: A Brief Overview

      Nail decals, also known as nail stickers or water decals, are pre-designed, adhesive elements that can be applied to the nails to achieve intricate and detailed nail art without the need for advanced painting skills. These decals come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, offering a broad spectrum of options for expressing personal style and staying on-trend.

      Types of Nail Decals:

      1. Water Decals: Water decals are among the most popular types of nail decals. These decals are typically made of a thin film that is applied to the nails using water. The process involves immersing the decal in water to release the design from its backing paper. Once wet, the decal can be easily slid onto the nail, and excess water is removed, leaving behind a seamless and detailed design.

      2. Sticker Decals: Sticker decals are adhesive-backed designs that can be directly applied to the nail without the need for water or heat. These decals often come on sheets with multiple designs, providing users with the flexibility to choose and mix different patterns for a unique manicure.

      3. 3D Decals: Adding an extra dimension to nail art, 3D decals come in various forms, including flowers, gems, and other raised elements. These decals can be layered onto the nails, creating a textured and eye-catching effect. The 3D aspect adds depth and visual interest to the overall nail design.

      4. Foiled Decals: Foiled decals feature metallic or holographic elements that add a reflective and dazzling quality to the nail art. The foil detailing can come in various colors, including gold, silver, and iridescent hues, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the design.

      Types of Nail Art Using Decals: Unleashing Creativity

      1. Floral Fantasia:

      Express your love for nature and femininity with floral nail decals. Water decals with intricate flower patterns or vinyl decals featuring dainty petals can be effortlessly applied to create a garden-inspired masterpiece. Mix and match different floral designs or opt for a cohesive look with a single flower type for a charming and timeless appeal.

      2. Geometric Elegance:

      Embrace modernity with geometric nail decals that offer a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. Vinyl decals with geometric shapes such as triangles, lines, and hexagons can be arranged in captivating patterns. Experiment with negative space by applying decals strategically, creating a balance between the design and the natural nail.

      3. Character Charisma:

      Showcase your personality by adorning your nails with character-themed decals. From beloved cartoon characters to iconic symbols, vinyl decals featuring popular figures can add a playful and whimsical touch to your manicure. This type of nail art allows individuals to express their interests and showcase their favorite characters in a creative and eye-catching way.

      4. Seasonal Splendor:

      Celebrate the changing seasons with themed nail decals that capture the spirit of spring, summer, fall, or winter. Water decals featuring delicate snowflakes for winter, blooming flowers for spring, or vibrant leaves for fall can effortlessly bring the essence of each season to your fingertips. Seasonal decals offer a dynamic and ever-changing canvas for expressing your mood and embracing the time of year.

      5. Abstract Artistry:

      Unleash your artistic side with abstract nail decals that allow for free-form expression. Vinyl decals with swirls, splatters, and irregular shapes can be combined to create visually dynamic and unique nail art. This style is perfect for those who appreciate the spontaneity and creativity that abstract designs bring to their manicure.

      6. Vintage Vibes:

      Transport your nails to another era with vintage-inspired nail decals. Opt for vinyl decals featuring retro patterns, such as polka dots, stripes, or Art Deco motifs. Vintage nail art allows for a nostalgic and classic aesthetic, providing a timeless appeal that suits various occasions and personal styles.

      7. Celestial Charm:

      Reach for the stars with celestial-themed nail decals. Water decals depicting moons, stars, and galaxies can create a dreamy and ethereal manicure. Combine different celestial elements or focus on a specific motif, such as a crescent moon or a constellation, to add a touch of magic to your nails.

      8. Abstract Florals:

      Merge the beauty of florals with abstract art by opting for nail decals that feature artistic renditions of flowers. Water decals with watercolor-style blooms or vinyl decals with abstract floral patterns offer a contemporary twist on traditional floral nail art. This style allows for a fusion of elegance and modernity, resulting in a visually captivating and sophisticated manicure.

      9. Mix and Match:

      Embrace the freedom to mix and match different types of nail decals to create a diverse and eclectic nail art masterpiece. Combine water decals with vinyl decals, layering 3D elements for added texture, or pairing foiled decals with classic designs for a unique and personalized look. Mixing and matching decals offer endless possibilities for expressing your creativity and experimenting with diverse styles within a single manicure.

      Application Techniques: Tips for Flawless Nail Decals

      1. Preparation is Key:

      Start with clean and well-prepped nails. Ensure that your nails are free from any residue, and the cuticles are pushed back for a smooth canvas. Applying a base coat can help protect the natural nail and create a stable surface for the decals.

      2. Choosing the Right Decals or Stickers:

      Select nail decals that complement the desired theme or style of your manicure. Consider the size of the decals in relation to the size of your nails, ensuring a proportional and balanced appearance.

      3. Water Decals:

      If using water decals, follow the instructions provided with the decals. Typically, water decals need to be cut to the desired size, soaked in water for a few seconds, and then carefully slid onto the nail. Gently press the decal to remove any air bubbles, and seal it with a top coat once dry.

      4. Sticker Decals:

      Stickers are straightforward to use. Simply peel the desired design from the sheet and apply it directly to the nail surface. Press down gently to ensure a smooth application, and finish with a top coat for added protection.

      6. Layering and Mixing:

      When layering or mixing different types of decals, consider the overall composition of the design. Experiment with placement, combining water decals with vinyl decals or adding 3D elements for a multi-dimensional effect. Ensure that the layers are well-adhered to prevent lifting.

      7. Sealing with a Top Coat:

      Complete your nail art by sealing it with a top coat. A top coat not only enhances the shine of the design but also protects the decals from wear and tear. Be sure to apply the top coat evenly, covering the entire nail surface for a polished and long-lasting finish.

      Maintaining Nail Decals: Tips for Prolonging Wear

      1. Gentle Handling:

      Treat your nails with care to prolong the life of your nail decals. Avoid using your nails as tools and be mindful of activities that may cause lifting or chipping.

      2. Regular Top Coat Application:

      Apply a top coat every few days to refresh the shine and protect the decals. This routine helps maintain the vibrancy of the design and ensures that the decals stay securely in place.

      3. Avoid Harsh Chemicals:

      When engaging in activities that involve harsh chemicals or cleaning agents, wear gloves to protect your nails. Exposure to chemicals can weaken the adhesive of the decals and may cause premature lifting.

      4. Prompt Maintenance:

      Address any lifting or chipping promptly. If a decal begins to lift, carefully reapply it and seal the edges with a top coat. This proactive approach helps preserve the integrity of the nail art.

      5. Gentle Removal:

      When it's time to remove your nail decals, do so gently. Soak a cotton ball or pad in nail polish remover and hold it against the decal for a few seconds before gently wiping it away. This method ensures a smooth removal without damaging the natural nails.

      A Canvas for Creative Expression

      Nail decals have truly revolutionized the world of nail art, providing individuals with a versatile and accessible means of expressing their creativity. From water decals that offer intricate designs with ease to vinyl decals that allow for customization and longevity, the options are diverse and exciting. Whether you opt for floral fantasies, abstract artistry, or vintage vibes, nail decals serve as a canvas for creative expression, enabling individuals to showcase their personality and style on their fingertips.

      The application techniques and maintenance tips outlined above serve as a guide for achieving flawless and enduring nail art with decals. As you embark on your nail art journey, embrace the endless possibilities that nail decals offer. Mix and match, experiment with different types of decals, and let your imagination run wild. Nail decals have undoubtedly elevated the art of manicures, transforming nails into miniature masterpieces that captivate and inspire.

      IBDI is the highest quality and best designed nail decal collection that is available in the market. We are extremely happy to carry this collection of nail decals available in the U.S. The designs are unique and stem from a Russian manicure setting that can't be beat.

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