How to choose a nail drill (electric nail file) for a Russian manicure or Russian pedicure?

by Anastasia Julia
There are many e-files on the market, and they are not all equal. Quality ranges drastically from files that never properly work and get bogged down when performing pedicure work or product removal all the way to professional e-files that will fulfill all the work that needs to be performed.
In our salon we work with a SAESHIN nail drill and the reason why is many but we have one drill that has been in service for over 15 years without ever having any issues. In addition they also have a 1 year manufacturers warranty and after that warranty if there is ever an issue they have a place in the US where you can get your drill fixed.
Cordless electric file nail drill for Russian manicure
When choosing a device, it is worth determining the following:
  • What are you purchasing the drill for? At home or for professional use?
  • Will you only perform Russian manicures or also Russian pedicures?
  • Are you a trained pro with an electric file or are you just learning?
If you are a trained professional looking for a quality drill to perform work day in and day out then you do not want to go cheap on a file. If you are just learning and only doing your nails at home then a less expensive option may be something that you want to move forward with while you learn. Always take classes from professionals as these nail tools can be dangerous if used without learning.
Top two features a professional nail drill needs to have:
  1. Power. A professional drill should have at least 40-45 watts of power. This allows you to perform all scopes of work required: manicure, removal of gel polish and builder gels, pedicure, and foot treatment. If the drill is 50 W or more, then the electric file can perform with heavy work loads.
  2. RPM, Rotations per minute. This describes the range of rotation speed of the nail drill bits. RPM can and should be adjusted depending on the type of work being performed. The maximum should reach at least 30,000 - 35,000 rpm to ensure quick and high-quality removal of hard gels. If you are a beginner then you need to take basic training before working with any device but especially powerful electric files. 
Hand piece for nail drill
Here are a few more things to consider when choosing your electric file:
  1. The presence of a pedal. It is not essential for operation, but it is quite convenient when you can control the device with a pedal. 
  2. Handle weight and size. You need to consider your hand size and what will fit comfortably for you. You will also need to thing of the weight. A heavy hand piece that does not fit nicely into your hand will make your work slow and can also cause severe discomfort if you are working with several clients in a day.
  3. Also look to see if the brand you are choosing readily sells different hand pieces that will fit to your machine. Some nail drill hand pieces can perform different types of work. For example if you have heavy Russian pedicure work to perform then you may look for a handpiece that has an RPM of up to 40,000 to perform this work more easily.