How to create metallic nail designs

by Anastasia Julia
Metallic nails are a great way to make any Russian manicure stunning. There are many different products in a techs nail supply that can be used to make those stunning manicures and pedicures that you see all over Instagram. You can use chrome nail powder, metallic nail polish or cat eye gel polish to create eye catching nail art. Each one of these products has it’s place but can generate very different effects on the nail.
Depending on what type of nail art you specifically want to create you will choose the product that works best. We are going to break down the different types of products and the different designs that each is used for.
Metallic nail polish
Manicure with white gel and metallic nail polish, Silver metallic polish accents the simple white gel polish manicure
When it comes to metallic polishes you can do the entire nail or accent a manicure. We generally like to use metallic polishes to accent a manicure. You can either use the polish to cover one or multiple nails fully, accent one or multiple nails with line art or you can even draw beautiful designs with them. Also metallic stamping polish is another great way to take your nails to the next level!
Here are some examples of what you can create with metallic nail polish:
White and black gel nail polish manicure accented with gold metallic polish
Beautiful Russian manicure, black and white gel polish, accented with gold metallic nail polish
Gold metallic polish for stamping
Russian manicure, gold gel polish, with metallic gold stamping polish, Stamps are venzel designs
Black gel manicure with silver metallic polish for accents
Russian manicure with black gel polish, silver metallic nail polish accents one nail on each hand with a line on other nails

Metallic cat eye gel polish

ICEGEL cat eye gel nail polish, silver metallic nails
Cat eye gel polishes are definitely one of our favorites. If you haven’t seen the collection of cat eye from ICEGEL you should take a look. They have completely changed what is expected from magnetic polishes. Traditionally you would have to use a black background to get that cat eye to really show up. With ICEGEL gel nail polish there is no black polish required. You go directly onto the nails and then use the magnets to come up with stunning looks!
We argue that the best gel nail polish on the market for creating interesting and beautiful nail art is ICEGEL. You can create depth and many different styles with their gel polish.
Purple cat eye gel polish
Russian manicure with purple cat eye gel polish
Blue cat eye nail polish
Russian manicure with blue cat eye gel polish

Chrome nail powder

is one of the best nail products used to create nail art. This product allows you to create so many different styles and designs. There are a few different ways to use this product The beginning is the same. Firstly, perform the manicure, apply builder gel, gel base coat and then a gel top coat. Then the next part is where the process varies for a clean mirrored chrome look apply the pigment to a “hot” (directly out of the lamp) fully cured top coat and rub it into the nail. The second way is to only partially cure the top coat and then apply when it is “sticky.”
In addition if you want to add chrome line art to your manicure all you have to do is simply use a liner or striper nail art brush to apply gel top coat to where you want your designs to appear. Then follow the same steps as above and remove excess powder.
Red chrome nails
Red chrome nails, metallic nails
Metallic nails are a get way to make any of your manicures and pedicures look fantastic!