How to apply nail decals and sliders

Posted by Anastasia Julia on

Beautiful holiday sliders


  1. Prepare nails for application of slider design (Perform manicure, apply base of gel polish).
  2. Apply background gel polish (preferably white, but for some designs another color can be used).
  3. Dried in UV/LED lamp color apply the top with sticky layer. Don’t remove it!
  4. Select slider, trim and prepare it for the size of the nail.
  5. Lay slider on moistened with warm water cotton disk. Paper base down (about 15-30 seconds). Transfer image by sliding design on the nail putting in close to cuticle(or according to design). If using hot water the slider is more elastic and obedient.
  6. Smooth the film by pushing out the rest of the water and air with soft cloth or clean brush. Air dry or in the lamp. File ends of the nail and wipe them with lint free cloth moistened in alcohol, removing the remains of dust.
  7. Finally, cover with 2 layers of Gel Polish Top Coat, seal the ends well! For better results use IBDI TOP COAT FOR NAIL WRAPS.

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