Reusable sanitize able nail files and how they work

by Anastasia Julia
Reusable nail files are the future for the nail industry. The reason that this files will overtake a traditional file is simple but has a lot of reasons. Lets first discuss how these work and why they are better than traditional files.
These files are simple to use, first you start with the metal base. These bases are good for years and are relatively low cost. The genius of this design is the nail tech does not lose any quality on the product while working with these. Traditional files can be expensive and must be replaced for every client. With these you simply apply the "file" by applying the adhesive to the metal. Watch the video below for an example.
The video shows how simple it is to apply and remove the file from the metal base. Once you have removed the file from the metal base all you have to do is simply put it into an autoclave or any other type of treatment you prefer.
One can see how if you had a days with of metal bases each client would have a brand new unused file that is completely hygienic and clean. This helps put a nail techs client at ease when they know that all of the tools being used on them are clean and fresh. 
Salons and nail techs love these products because of the cost. If you search for a quality moon base file or any other shape you can quickly see the price different. The cost of 50 files with a base is less expensive than other moon shaped files. Then when you look at the replacements with out a base you can see the cost savings add up.
These reasons are why we see such a strong interest and excitement into these files. You receive a better product which costs less and is safer and provides peace of mind to clients knowing that every single tool is clean when being used on them. 
You can find the full selection of files we offer here