Why we chose STALEKS PRO cuticle nippers, scissors, pushers and bits

by Anastasia Julia
STALEKS PRO boasts the highest quality and most durable cuticle tools. Everything from design to manufacturing is done in house. The Smart and Expert lines are hand sharped which creates sharp cutting edges for ease of use. Their manufacturing process creates long lasting tools that can be sharpened repeatedly, lasting years. STALEKS PRO makes the best manicure tools that a professional nail tech or at home aficionado can find.
STALEKS manufacturers cuticle nippers, pushers, e-file nail drill bits, scissors, reusable nail files and podo discs that are available on the market. They have only recently launched the discs into the U.S. The technicians sharpen every nipper and scissor by hand. You can see how much care goes into every tool they make. The cuticle pushers are specifically designed to fit the nail plate. 
We all know the best nippers are the ones that cut well and fit nicely in your hand. The size options are vast and the STALEKS ergonomic handles makes their nippers and scissors easy to hold. They are designed specifically with nail techs in mind but anyone who is seeking quality can feel the difference. 
The STALEKS PRO reusable nail file system is one of a kind. The nail files are more cost effective and higher quality than traditional files. They are simple to use, clean and be ready for your next client. You start with a solid polished metal base and then pick the specific grit and shape of the file you wish to use. Size options are straight narrow, straight or crescent nail file shape depending on your preference and use for the tool. You attach an adhesive file to the metal file with grits ranging from 100, 180 or 240.
The PODO discs are revolutionary for pedicure treatments. These allow you to attach a flat metal disc directly to your electric file machine. Then you have an abrasive pad with an adhesive pad which is then attached to your metal base. This allows you to remove unwanted skin with ease. Then just like the nail files you remove your adhesive file, sanitize and heat treat the metal base.
The cuticle e-files are top quality and easy to work with. The nail drill bits will remove the cuticle skin as you wish without any discomfort for your clients or self. The shapes and uses are diverse and the product itself is long lasting. We recommend using an ultra-sonic cleaner or one of our bit clean brushes before sanitizing and heat treating to ensure the e-file is cleaned of dead skin before your next use.
We have found that without a doubt this is the best cuticle tool company on the market. This is why we have chosen STALEKS PRO and we hope that you will too.  
Watch the video above to see more about their manufacturing process.