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    Pedicure nail drill bits for a Russian manicure
    Pedicure e-file nail drill bit - Cone, Medium grit, for Russian manicure, electric file nail drill bits

    Our collection of Russian nail drill bits has over 150 to choose from. All of these bits are high quality, long lasting and durable. All of the STALEKS drill bits are manufactured in Ukraine. The other bits are manufactured in Russia or Poland. Every nail bit in this collection is high quality and we work with them all.  
    We have many shapes of carbide bits and they are designed for removing gel polish before the manicure. We have a nail blog post about the different shapes and types of bits explained.
    The diamond flame nail bits are for lifting the cuticle. The size of the bit comes down to preference. The long and skinny flame bits come to a sharper point at the end and require that you are extra careful while lifting the cuticle. The thicker flame bits do not come to as sharp as a point and are a favorite among nail techs. 
    The diamond ball shaped bit is for removing the actual cuticle during a dry machine manicure after you have lifted the cuticle. The size of the ball shaped bits can vary from very small to very large. Most of the nail techs that we have spoked to prefer something in the middle but again this all comes down to your personal preference. 
    Our nail drill bits come in three different grits. You can tell what grit the bit is by looking at the color around the top of it. Red is soft grit, blue is medium grit and green is coarse grit. The type of grit you choose again comes down to preference but also the clients skin and how sensitive it is. Using a coarse ball shaped bit can cause irritation to a clients skin while a soft grit may not remove the cuticle as needed. We recommend having different grits of your favorite shapes. This allows you to adjust based on your clients skin type and sensitivity while allowing you to still work with your favorite shapes.
    Warning: All of our nail drill bits are designed for professional use and if you do not have experience with them you need to seek professional training. These tools are serious and powerful. You must take the potential for damage seriously while using bits with your clients or on your self. The bit rotates at up to 30,000 rpms which is very fast. Please heed this warning and do not work with nail drill bits if you do not have professional training.
    If you have any questions about the bits and uses please feel free to contact but this is not a substitute for professional instruction from a nail tech that is certified by your licensing agency.

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