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    Looking for foil nail designs for your next manicure? Then this collection has what you need! Ranging from traditional foil nails, foil line art, star foils and nail stickers! If you are looking to create your next stunning Russian manicure then these products will help get you there!

    Creating with nail foil

    One of the tried and true methods to create beautiful nails. When creating with nail foil there are so many different options and methods you can choose from. You can overlay, underlay or use it in an accent. Remember when choosing the color of photo think about the gel color you are going to use. 

    When you underlay foil you use the foil as the base design, basically meaning that the foil is in the background of what you are creating. When you overlay foil it goes on the very top of your nails. You can also apply it in the middle but most nail techs find it is easier to underlay and add layers.

    With so many different color options when it comes to foil how do you choose? Ask yourself some basic questions and you can come to a good final result. Is the foil the star of the show or an accent? If it is the star of the show then you can select the color of foil first and base your polish colors on the foil. For example if you want to create gold foil nails to match the rings someone wears. Start with the foil and then pick which colors are going to work best with gold and everything else about a persons esthetic. Ask your client if they have a special occasion they are going to and what color their outfit will be.

    Maybe they are going on a beach vacation and want tropical nails. This is a great time to get out the holographic foil to accent some bright summer gel polish colors. Maybe your client is heading to a wedding and wants something elegant and classy. This is a perfect occasion for a simple solid color with accents around with silver nail foil.

    When you create accents you simply rub a small amount of foil onto the nail. 

    Stickers for nail foil art

    Another great option when you want to create the perfect Russian manicure is using foil nail stickers to create your designs. There is a wide array of different foil stickers on the market. Ranging from traditional silver or gold foils all the way to rose gold or holographic foil. They come in traditional lines, stars or pattern designs. They differ from traditional foils as they are actual stickers. Both have their pros and cons in use and application but if you are looking to make a perfectly straight line on the nail or add a silver star as an accent then these are easy solutions for what could be an otherwise complex problem.

    You can see how both of these products can really create a stunning manicure with a little bit of thought. Regardless if you pick rose gold, silver, holographic or gold foils to think about your color compilation. The same applies to picking your polish first or the occasion. What is going to bring everything together!

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