Beautiful gel polish manicure using Haruyama

Black gel polish manicure with glitter
Everything about this manicure and photo is so on point and is what many nail techs are trying to achieve. The manicure itself was performed using cuticle nippers and nail drill bits but lets get into the rest of this. We love this color combination so much. The black and naked polish coats adjacent to each other is great but what really sets it off is the glitter polish. Also the way that the middle finger only has the one line of accent that is offset. The entire design is amazing. One of the things that really makes this photo stand out is how it is laid out. All of the polishes are matched to a color in the photo. The black to the sweater, the glitter to the ring and the tan to the cloth. This is one of my favorite executions of setting up a nail photo for success. Big props to @liannes.nailedit.list go check her out on Instagram!