Gel polish manicure using nail drill bits

Orange Haruyama gel polish
This is another manicure using nail drill bits as opposed to cuticle nippers or scissors. Over the course of the last 3 to 4 years the Russian manicure has really taken the U.S. by storm. One of the highlights of this style of manicure is that instead of using acetone to soak off the polish you use a carbide nail drill bit, this helps in two ways. The first one being that when you use acetone to soak off polish the nail itself can end up slightly damaged and weakened. The second is that when you perform this manicure using your carbide bits you can actually leave behind the base coat and reapply your next layer of gel polish, leaving the nail plate intact. 
The rest of the manicure was performed using our line of Haruyama gel polishes. This line of polish really sets itself apart from others in many ways. The color pallet is absolutely stunning. No other polish line has the same range and elegance that you find with these.