French manicure with gem stones

Beautiful French manicure 

French manicure with Russian Gel polish U.S. Gemstones laid into the gel

How the manicure was performed

This is a Russian manicure, meaning that the previous gel polish and cuticles were removed using nail bits. This style of manicure has become the nail trend of the last 5 years and it doesn't look like it is going away. When removing cuticles using bits you end up with a better looking, longer lasting manicure that you can't get with traditional tools. We generally use a combi method which is where you use additional tools during cuticle cutting to provide more flexibility. One of the most commonly used nail tools is a curette.

When selecting your nail bits making sure you use professional quality. Lower quality makes it more difficult to remove product and cuticles. This can create pain for yourself or your clients.

How the French was done

After the cuticles and hands were prepped we did a traditional painted French which is a bit different from a French overlay. With a painted French manicure you use builder gel to create the nail extensions and then use a nail art brush to paint the white tips on. When you do a French overlay you use two different builder gels. One of them being nude and one of them being white. One you perfect French overlays it can speed up your manicures.


Why a Russian manicure is better than a traditional

Though we were taught in Russia and have almost exclusively performed Russian manicures but we believe the photos speak for themselves. When you see how clean the cuticles are and how long the gel polish lasts it becomes very clear that this method can be superior to a traditional manicure. While we prefer this style it is still necessary to have both skill sets.

Click this link if you are still asking yourself What is a Russian manicure?