Easter nail designs for a Russian manicure

Russian Nail manicure with gel polish and nail drill bits

Easy Easter nail designs!

We love when Easter rolls around every year. Of course the joy of spending time with loved ones during any holiday but it also means we get to create nail art with a specific concept in mind! When we put something together we often like to keep things simple so any nail tech or at home nail artist can create the look with the nail supplies they already have!
For this simple Easter design we decided to accent two nails differently from the rest. We started with the classic pastel pink gel nail polish that always pops up around Easter. Then decided to use a white background and black line gel to draw the bunny. For the actual design of drawing the Easter bunny you can see it is two simple circles similar to how you would make your snowmen for your Christmas manicure but don't complete the circles. Then simple add your bunny ears and it is that simple. From here you can add to the design if you want to add a cute face with whiskers!

We always start with a Russian manicure

The reason we always start with a this type of manicure is that the cuticle always look cleaner, the gel polish lasts longer with no peeling, lifting or chipping and but not soaking the nail polish off it keeps the nail bed and nail plate stronger. We recommend that every professional take a Russian manicure class!