Pink and black french manicure with nail decals

Beautiful pink and black french manicure with IBDI nail decals and sliders
If you are looking for the best pink and black nails here they are. It is a combination of Pink French manicure with Haruyama black and coral pink gel nail polish using IBDI nail decals. 
This simple and easy combination of gel polishes is one that makes some of the cleanest. Most beautiful nail art around. Look at how simple and easy nail art can be while doing something that most techs can struggle to put together. 
All you need is a beautiful sheer pink polish, a strong, highly pigmented black polish and sprinkle in a couple of decals and you have something that is undeniable. Elegant, modern and honesty swanky nails that you can be proud of.
These kinds of designs are perfect for the nail tech with a nail supply store at their fingertips or the at home enthusiast When you use quality nail tools, follow simple classic technique and trust in your process you will be able to create the nail art you love.