Tropical nails for vacation, manicure with pineapples!

Hand painted pineapple nail art
The hand painted pineapples work spectacularly on this manicure. The colors play off of each other perfectly and you will be ready for a tropical vacation with this one! 

The manicure was performed using, a carbide, flame and ball, nail drill bits. Using bits allows for such a clean finish on the cuticles. The gel polish colors are Haruyama, pink 254, yellow 014 and green 252. 
Photo credit: @denvermanic (Instagram)
When you want to create your perfect tropical nails for your upcoming beach vacation make sure you look for inspiration. This is a simple step but often overlooked. We all want to be the first with an idea. Head to that tropical location and think we were the first to think of a beautiful set.
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