Why we love nail decals and waterslide decals

by Anastasia Julia
Beautiful snake nail decals for manicures and pedicures

Nail decals, waterslide, nail sliders or whatever you know them by are an easy and affordable way to make your manicures pop. Creating nail art has never been easier when using the best designs. Sometimes when people think about decals, they have a thought of childish designs however when you use quality, they are anything but. That is why we have IBDI and Slider.RF decals in our collection. Our sliders make it easy to create elegant beautiful nail art. They are perfect for your everyday manicures or occasion specific designs for Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s or any other occasion you can think of. The best part is how easy they are to use!

In theory decals are simple. They are printed onto a waterslide paper with a special ink that stops the colors from running once submerged in water. Some decals fit the entire nail, and some are smaller in design that add accents to a manicure. When applying you simply cut out the decal design you wish to use , submerge it in water then Slide the actual decal off the paper back and then apply to the nail. (full tutorial video)

For nail techs, decals are a great offering for your clients. They are an inexpensive option that allow any manicurist to really make their clients manicures stand out. Once you learn how to apply them, it will only take minutes to add a special touch. Another great thing about nail techs or salons using decals is they are an up sell for clients increasing revenues.

Applying the decals is an easy skill to learn which is why they are not only for nail techs and salons which is why they are so popular with the at home manicurist as well. When you learn how to use waterslide decals it becomes easy to create that professional salon look right in your living room.

We looked for an exceptionally long time to find the best designs available. Both the IBDI and Slider.RF nail decals are second to none but each other. The designs are hand made and printed onto a quality slider paper.