ICEGEL Star galaxy gel polish

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Star galaxy ICEGEL, milky way. Gel polish 1147
ICEGEL cat eye gel polish for nail art!
ICEGEL cat eye gel nail polish for beautiful manicure art!
ICEGEL Star galaxy gel polish

ICEGEL Star galaxy gel polish

SKU: 31079
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This Diverse and Rich Color Pallet has Colors for Every Season and Holiday

In the realm of nail art, cat eye gel polish has emerged as a trendsetter, transforming mundane manicures into captivating works of art. With a palette boasting an array of enchanting colors such as Silver, Pink, Copper, Gold, Blue, Champagne, and Light Pink, the possibilities for creating stunning cat eye effects are boundless. This comprehensive guide delves into the magical world of cat eye gel polish, exploring various designs achievable with magnets, seasonal nail art inspirations, and themed creations for special events.

The Palette: A Spectrum of Elegance:

  • Silver Cat Eye Gel Polish - 1146:

    • Silver brings a touch of futuristic elegance to your nails, providing a sleek and metallic allure. Perfect for those who embrace modern aesthetics and crave a timeless yet edgy look.
  • Pink Cat Eye Gel Polish - 1147:

    • Pink cat eye polish offers a spectrum from soft and subtle to vibrant and bold. This versatile shade complements a variety of styles, making it a staple for any nail art enthusiast.
  • Copper Cat Eye Gel Polish - 1149:

    • Copper cat eye polish exudes warmth and richness, adding a touch of luxury to your manicure. Ideal for fall-inspired looks or those who seek a cozy and sophisticated vibe.
  • Gold Cat Eye Gel Polish - 1150:

    • Gold cat eye polish is the epitome of glamour, delivering a dazzling and opulent effect. Perfect for special occasions or when you want your nails to steal the spotlight.
  • Blue Cat Eye Gel Polish - 1151:

    • Blue cat eye polish evokes a sense of tranquility and depth. From deep navy to vibrant azure, this shade is a versatile choice for creating serene and captivating nail designs.
  • Champagne Cat Eye Gel Polish - 1152:

    • Champagne cat eye polish offers an understated yet sophisticated option. The neutral tones make it a versatile choice for both casual and formal settings.
  • Light Pink Cat Eye Gel Polish - 1153:

    • Light Pink cat eye polish adds a delicate and feminine touch to your nails. Perfect for romantic looks or when you want to express your softer side.

How to Apply Cat Eye Gel Polish:

  • Prep Your Nails:

    • Begin with clean, trimmed nails.
    • Gently push back cuticles and use primer on the nails to remove any oils.
  • Apply Gel Base Coat:

    • Start with a standard layer of base coat to protect your natural nails and promote better adhesion.
  • Apply Your Cat Eye Color:

    • Apply one or two coats of the chosen cat eye gel polish color.
    • If applying two layers then apply the first and cure in UV/LED light. If applying only one coat move to next step
  • Magnetic Magic:

    • Apply a generous layer of cat eye gel polish on the final coat.
    • While the polish is still wet, hold the included magnet over the nail at a slight angle.
    • Experiment with magnet placement, direction, and distance to achieve various cat eye effects.
    • Once satisfied, cure the final layer under the lamp.
  • Gel Top Coat Seal:

    • Finish with a top coat to enhance the shine and protect the cat eye effect.
    • Ensure the top coat is compatible with gel polish and cures properly.

Creating Designs with the Magnet:

  • Classic Vertical Stripe:

    • Hold the magnet vertically over the wet polish to create a simple and elegant vertical stripe down the center of the nail.
  • Diagonal:

    • Tilt the magnet at a diagonal angle over the nail to produce a diagonal cat eye effect. This dynamic design adds flair and movement to your manicure.
  • Galaxy Night Sky:

    • Experiment with placing the magnet in multiple spots to create a scattered and celestial effect reminiscent of a starry night sky.
  • Cradle:

    • Position the magnet in a cradle-like shape over the nail, enveloping it in a unique and eye-catching cat eye pattern.
  • Geometric:

    • Hold the magnet at specific points to create geometric patterns such as triangles or squares, adding a modern and edgy touch.
  • Perfect Circle: This requires two magnets to be used. Hold one on the top of the nail closer to the hand. Hold the bottom magnet underneath at the tip of the nail. Polarity matters here. Angle them and slowly move together to create that perfect circle!

Seasonal Nail Art Inspirations:


  1. Tropical Paradise:

    • Use Blue and Gold cat eye polishes to create a tropical beach-inspired manicure.
    • Add palm tree silhouettes or tiny seashells for a beach vacation vibe.
  1. Coral Reef Elegance:

    • Combine Pink and Silver cat eye polishes to mimic the colors of a vibrant coral reef.
    • Accentuate with delicate coral-inspired nail art for an underwater fantasy.


  1. Icy Elegance:

    • Opt for Silver and Champagne cat eye polishes to achieve an icy and elegant winter look.
    • Add snowflake designs or silver glitter for a frosty touch.
  2. Cozy Fireside Glow:

    • Embrace the warmth of Copper and Gold cat eye polishes for a cozy winter aesthetic.
    • Incorporate fireplace-inspired designs or cable knit patterns for a touch of comfort.


  1. Pastel Blooms:

    • Use Light Pink and Champagne cat eye polishes to create a soft and romantic spring manicure.
    • Add hand-painted floral designs for a blooming garden effect.
  2. Rainy Day Blues:

    • Experiment with Blue and Silver cat eye polishes for a rainy day-inspired look.
    • Add tiny raindrop accents or cloud patterns for a whimsical touch.


  1. Harvest Bounty:

    • Combine Copper and Gold cat eye polishes to capture the warmth of autumn.
    • Add leaf designs or acorn motifs for a harvest-inspired manicure.
  2. Falling Leaves Elegance:

    • Use Champagne and Purple cat eye polishes to create a sophisticated autumn nail art.
    • Accentuate with hand-painted falling leaves or tree silhouettes for an elegant touch.

Themed Nail Art for Special Events:


  1. Eternal Elegance:

    • Opt for a subtle combination of Light Pink and Champagne cat eye polishes for timeless elegance.
    • Add delicate lace or floral patterns for a wedding-ready look.
  2. Golden Glamour:

    • Choose Gold cat eye polish for a touch of opulence.
    • Accentuate with gold foil details or intricate swirls for a glamorous wedding manicure.

Birthday Parties:

  1. Sparkling Celebration:

    • Use Silver and Gold cat eye polishes for a dazzling birthday look.
    • Add glitter accents or confetti-inspired designs to capture the spirit of celebration.
  2. Colorful Confetti Fiesta:

    • Embrace a playful combination of Pink and Blue cat eye polishes.
    • Add multicolored confetti or balloon designs for a vibrant birthday party vibe.

Beach Vacations:

  1. Ocean Breeze Elegance:

    • Choose Blue and Silver cat eye polishes for a serene beach vacation look.
    • Accentuate with seashell details or wave patterns for a coastal feel.
  2. Golden Sands Radiance:

    • Opt for a combination of Gold and Champagne cat eye polishes.
    • Add gold foil accents or tiny starfish for a sun-kissed beach vacation manicure.

Ski Vacations:

  1. Snowy Peaks Adventure:

    • Use Silver and Light Pink cat eye polishes to create a snowy mountain-inspired look.
    • Add snow-capped peaks or ski track designs for a winter sports vibe.
  2. Cozy Cabin Retreat:

    • Choose Copper and Champagne cat eye polishes for a warm and cozy ski vacation manicure.
    • Accentuate with sweater-inspired patterns or cabin motifs for a touch of comfort.

Christmas Nail Art:

  1. Festive Holly Elegance:

    • Combine Red and Green cat eye polishes for a classic Christmas manicure.
    • Add holly berry designs or intricate wreaths for festive flair.
  2. Winter Wonderland Magic:

    • Choose Silver and Blue cat eye polishes for a winter wonderland-inspired look.
    • Accentuate with snowflakes, icicles, or even a Santa's sleigh for a magical Christmas manicure.

New Year's Eve Nail Art:

  1. Champagne Toast Elegance:

    • Opt for Champagne cat eye polish for a sophisticated New Year's Eve look.
    • Add gold glitter accents or countdown clock designs for a glamorous celebration.
  2. Fireworks Extravaganza:

    • Choose a combination of Gold and Silver cat eye polishes to capture the essence of fireworks.
    • Add vibrant bursts of color or star patterns for a dazzling New Year's Eve manicure.

Halloween Nail Art:

  1. Midnight Mystique:

    • Use Purple and Black cat eye polishes for a mysterious Halloween look.
    • Add bat silhouettes or haunted house designs for a spooky vibe.
  2. Copper Cauldron Enchantment:

    • Opt for Copper and Gold cat eye polishes for an enchanting Halloween manicure.
    • Accentuate with potion bottle details or witch hat designs for a magical touch.

Cat eye gel polish is not just a beauty product; it's a gateway to endless creativity and self-expression. With an expansive palette of colors such as Silver, Pink, Copper, Gold, Blue, Champagne, and Light Pink, coupled with the mesmerizing cat eye effects achievable with magnets, your nails become a canvas for artistry. Whether you're exploring seasonal inspirations, themed creations for special events, or simply experimenting with different designs, cat eye gel polish invites you to embrace the magic and elevate your nail game to new heights. Let your nails tell a story, and let that story be as unique and captivating as you are.

Quantity: 9ML

-Easy to work with

-Cures in LED/UV

-Goes on smooth

1146. 1147, 1148, 1149, 1150, 1151, 1152

Magnet not included

Manicure photo from @thenailcoveonperry on Instagram! 

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