ICEGEL Star galaxy gel polish

SKU: 31007
IEGEL Star Galaxy cat eye gel nail polish
Purple cat eye gel nail polish

ICEGEL Star galaxy gel polish

SKU: 31007
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The Elegance of Cat Eye Gel Polish

Unleash the magic of nails with our exquisite cat eye collection. This is were sophistication meets innovation. Dive into a world of captivating colors and mesmerizing cat eye effects, designed to elevate your manicure game. The collection features an array of stunning shades: Champagne, Gold, Purple, Silver, and Green, each offering a unique twist on classic elegance.

The Palette: A Symphony of Elegance:

  1. Champagne Cat Eye Gel Polish - 1153:

    • A subtle and sophisticated choice, Champagne exudes understated glamour. Perfect for an effortlessly chic look that transitions seamlessly from day to night.
  1. Gold Cat Eye Gel Polish - 1154:

    • Make a bold statement with the dazzling richness of Gold. This shade embodies luxury and opulence, promising to turn heads with its radiant charm.
  2. Purple Cat Eye Gel Polish - 1155:

    • Purple adds a touch of mystery and regality to your nails. Perfect for expressing your inner royalty and embracing a bit of mystique.
  1. Silver Cat Eye Gel Polish - 1156:

    • Silver cat eye polish radiates modern elegance. With its sleek and metallic allure, this shade is ideal for those seeking a contemporary and edgy touch.
  1. Green Cat Eye Gel Polish - 1157:

    • Embrace the freshness of Green for a vibrant and playful manicure. This shade adds a burst of color that captures the spirit of nature and vitality.

How to Use Cat Eye Gel Polish:

  1. Prepare Your Nails:

    • Start with clean, trimmed nails.
    • Gently push back cuticles and remove any residual oils using a gel primer works best for application.
  1. Apply Gel Base Coat:

    • Begin with a your standard base coat application to protect your natural nails and enhance adhesion.
  1. Apply ICEGEL Cat Eye:

    • Apply one or two layers of polish. Two layers can add even more depth.
    • Cure each the first layer under an LED or UV lamp. If applying only one layer of cat eye move to the next step.
  1. Magnetic Magic:

    • Apply a generous layer of cat eye gel polish on the final coat.
    • While the polish is still wet, hold the included magnet over the nail at a slight angle.
    • Experiment with magnet placement, direction, and distance to achieve various cat eye effects. Using multiple magnets is also an option.
    • Once satisfied, cure the final layer under the lamp.
  1. Gel Top Coat Seal:

    • Finish with a top coat to enhance the shine and protect the cat eye effect.
    • Ensure the top coat is compatible with gel polish and cures properly.

Creating Designs with the Magnet:

  1. Classic Vertical Stripe:

    • Hold the magnet vertically over the wet polish to create a simple and elegant vertical stripe down the center of the nail.
  1. Diagonal:

    • Tilt the magnet at a diagonal angle over the nail to produce a diagonal cat eye effect. This dynamic design adds flair and movement to your manicure.
  1. Galaxy Effect:

    • Experiment with placing the magnet in multiple spots to create a scattered and celestial effect reminiscent of a starry night sky. This is achieved by putting the magnet at each edge of the nail
  1. Cradle:

    • Position the magnet in a cradle-like shape over the nail, enveloping it in a unique and eye-catching cat eye pattern.

Summer Nail Art Inspirations:

  1. Sunset Horizon:

    • Combine Champagne and Gold cat eye polishes to create a gradient effect reminiscent of a summer sunset. Add tiny silhouettes of palm trees or seagulls for a beachy vibe.
  1. Enchanted Garden:

    • Use Green and Silver cat eye polishes to craft a lush garden-inspired manicure. Accentuate with floral nail stickers or hand-painted blooms for a touch of whimsy.
  1. Royal Twilight:

    • Blend Purple and Silver cat eye polishes for a twilight-inspired manicure. Add a sprinkle of tiny silver stars or crescent moons for a touch of enchantment.
  1. Gilded Seashells:

    • Combine Champagne and Silver cat eye polishes to evoke the shimmering beauty of seashells. Add delicate hand-painted seashell designs for a beach-ready look.
  1. Mystic Garden Party:

    • Play with Gold and Purple cat eye polishes to create a magical garden party theme. Incorporate tiny butterflies or dragonflies for an ethereal touch.

The Elegance Collection of Cat Eye Gel Polish invites you to embrace a world of enchantment and sophistication. With shades like Champagne, Gold, Purple, Silver, and Green, the possibilities for creating stunning cat eye effects are endless. Elevate your summer nail art game and let your creativity shine with this exquisite collection that adds a touch of magic to every manicure. Your nails are the canvas, and the Elegance Collection is your palette—unleash the elegance and let your nails tell a captivating story.

Quantity: 9ML

-Easy to work with

-Cures in LED/UV

-Goes on smooth

1153, 1154, 1155, 1156, 1157

Magnet not included

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