SAESHIN Strong 210 / 120 E-file nail drill machine

SKU: 40001
SAESHIN Strong 210 / 120 e-file nail drill machine for Russian manicures and pedicures
SAESHIN 120 handle 30,000 RPM

SAESHIN Strong 210 / 120 E-file nail drill machine

SKU: 40001
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The Saeshin Strong 210/120 nail drill stands as a pinnacle of innovation in the realm of nail care tools, recognized for its exceptional power, precision, and versatility. This comprehensive exploration will delve into the features, functionalities, and practical applications of the Saeshin Strong 210/120, shedding light on its role in the beauty industry and how it is effectively employed by both professionals and enthusiasts.

Unveiling the Saeshin Strong 210/120:

1. Powerful Motor:

At the heart of the Saeshin Strong 210/120 lies a robust and RPM motor, boasting a power rating of 30,000. This formidable motor is the powerhouse behind the drill's ability to effortlessly handle an array of nail care tasks, from basic shaping to intricate detailing. The superior torque ensures consistent and efficient performance, making it a top choice for professionals who demand precision in their work.

2. Ergonomic Design:

Crafted with user comfort in mind, the Saeshin Strong 210/120 features an ergonomic design that facilitates extended use without causing hand fatigue. The drill's sleek and compact body provides a comfortable grip, allowing technicians and enthusiasts alike to maintain control during delicate procedures. The thoughtfully designed shape of the handpiece contributes to the overall ease of use, making it a tool that both seasoned professionals and beginners can wield with confidence.

3. Variable Speed Control:

One of the standout features of the Saeshin Strong 210/120 is its variable speed control mechanism. Users can easily adjust the rotation speed to suit the specific requirements of different nail care tasks. This versatility is crucial, as it allows for a customized approach, accommodating various preferences and skill levels. Whether it's a high-speed buffing session or a slow, detailed design, the variable speed control ensures optimal performance.

4. Quiet Operation:

Beyond its impressive power, the Saeshin Strong 210/120 nail drill operates with a level of quiet sophistication. The low noise output during operation is a boon for both professionals and clients, creating a serene atmosphere in the salon or home. The reduced vibration levels add an extra layer of comfort, ensuring that users can focus on the task at hand without unnecessary distractions.

5. Versatility in Application:

The Saeshin Strong 210/120 is a versatile tool that caters to a broad spectrum of nail care needs. Its adaptability makes it suitable for shaping, filing, buffing, and intricate detailing. The diverse range of tasks it can handle positions it as an indispensable asset in the toolkit of nail technicians who strive for excellence in their craft.

6. Comprehensive Accessory Kit:

A key aspect of the Saeshin Strong 210/120 is its inclusivity. The drill comes with a comprehensive accessory kit, featuring a variety of drill bits and attachments. This ensures that users have the right tools at their disposal for any given task. From standard shaping bits to specialized bits for cuticle care and intricate designs, the accessory kit enhances the drill's adaptability and makes it a one-stop solution for nail care.

Practical Applications:

1. Shaping and Filing:

The Saeshin Strong 210/120 excels in the foundational tasks of nail care—shaping and filing. The high-torque motor and variable speed control allow technicians to seamlessly transition between different grits and speeds, resulting in smooth and precise shaping. The ergonomic design ensures that users can maintain control, creating a canvas for various nail designs.

2. Buffing and Smoothing:

Achieving a flawless finish is an integral part of nail care, and the Saeshin Strong 210/120 rises to the occasion. Its power and variable speed make buffing and smoothing a quick and efficient process. Whether preparing the natural nail or smoothing out acrylics, the drill's performance is characterized by consistency and finesse.

3. Cuticle Care:

Precision is paramount when it comes to cuticle care, and the Saeshin Strong 210/120 delivers on this front. With specialized bits designed for cuticle work, technicians can address this delicate area with accuracy and gentleness. The variable speed control proves especially valuable here, allowing users to tailor the speed to the sensitivity of the task at hand.

4. Intricate Nail Art:

Nail art enthusiasts and professionals engaged in detailed designs find a reliable companion in the Saeshin Strong 210/120. The drill's precision and adaptability enable the creation of intricate patterns, textures, and embellishments. The quiet operation ensures that the focus remains on the artistic process, resulting in stunning nail artistry.

5. Acrylic and Gel Nail Maintenance:

Maintaining and sculpting acrylic and gel nails requires a tool that can handle the density of these materials. The Saeshin Strong 210/120, with its powerful motor, proves to be up to the task. Technicians can effortlessly shape, refine, and maintain artificial nails with confidence, knowing that the drill's performance is both reliable and consistent.

6. Professional Russian Pedicures:

The versatility of the Saeshin Strong 210/120 nail drill extends beyond fingernails to toenails. Professionals offering pedicures can utilize the drill for tasks such as toenail shaping, callus removal, and smoothing, providing a comprehensive nail care experience for clients.

The Saeshin Strong 210/120 nail drill emerges as a stalwart in the field of nail care tools, combining power, precision, and versatility in a single, user-friendly package. Whether in the hands of a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic beginner, this drill's performance remains unwavering. From basic shaping to intricate nail artistry, it caters to a diverse range of tasks, establishing itself as an essential tool in the pursuit of impeccable nail care.

This nail drill fits any standard e-file bit and is powerful. 5,000 to 30,000 RPMS and it does not bog at all when using pedicure discs or larger abrasives on the machine. 


  • 5,000 to 30,000 RPM
  • Any standard size drill bit fits ( minimum fitting length of bur:10mm)
  • PODO discs fit
  • Long lasting durable machines, designed to last years
  • US plug (3pins)
  • Input 110V/220V (interchangeable)
  • The best drill machine
  • 120 Handpiece

This nail drill has a one year manufacturers warranty. We have a SAESHIN drill with the original hand piece that is 12 years old and we have never had one problem with it. Our business said no to multiple companies who sell drills so we could wait to get this machine. We won't work with anything else.

This nail drill fits any standard e-file bit and is powerful. 5,000 to 30,000 RPMS and it does not bog at all when using pedicure discs or larger abrasives on the machine. 


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