Russian nails with purple gel polish

Russian manicure

Purple gel nail polish, with one chrome powder accent on a Russian manicure

How the manicure was performed

This was a combi manicure, meaning that multiple nail tool types were used while the nails were cleaned and prepped. Carbide nail drill bits were used for the gel polish removal and diamond bits were used as the cuticle cutter. In addition we supplemented with cuticle scissors. We always use a cuticle pusher and almost always use a curette. You can see by using multiple types of tools you can achieve extremely clean and long lasting cuticles.

The products used

No builder gel was used as these are natural nails. We used a gel base, purple gel polish and gel top coat. We also used a chrome powder to accent just one nail. One important thing when using a chrome powder to create metallic nails is to apply a top coat, remove the nail from the lamp and then rub the powder into a top nail. Then you apply another top coat to finish.

Why we love Russian nails

When we say Russian nails it is almost interchangeable with Russian manicure. It is a very specific style of the way the manicure is performed. It creates long lasting no chip manicures without damaging the nail plate. When you use a carbide bit to remove the gel polish you are not required to remove all of the base or builder gel (depending on the type of manicure) In addition when you use nail bits for the cuticle you can slight lift it which allows you to get just a little bit more nail to apply product to.

If you are looking for a Denver nail salons that perform a Russian manicure then you are in luck! We have a salon located in Wheat Ridge, CO that has more than 700 gel polish colors and high quality nail techs. Three of them are Russian, learned how to perform manicures in Russia and are teaching all of the non Russian nail techs how to perform them properly. Head to to look at the techs and make an appointment.