Watercolor nail decals

beautiful water color nail decals for stunning manicure
Watercolor nail designs can be created many ways. You can use watercolor nail polish however this beautiful manicure was created using a IBDI water nail decal which can be a bit simpler for beginning nail artists. If you are unfamiliar head over to our blog post How to use nail decals for directions and a video on how to apply them to the nail.
You always want to use decals with gel nail polish and not regular polish. The astringency in regular polish will melt the decal. You can also use them with acrylic but you apply after you have already performed all of the work and then finish with a gel polish top coat. 
The cuticles in this photo were cleaned using a Russian manicure. If you are wondering What is a Russian manicure then head to that link and learn all about it. A Russian manicure is also called a dry manicure and is performed using nail drill bits. Always seek professional instruction before attempting to perform a Russian manicure using drill bits. Performed improperly you can cause damage to the nail plate.