Black line nail stickers for nail art

SKU: 19013
NashlyNails black nail stickers with different widths for many uses in creating nail art

Black line nail stickers for nail art

SKU: 19013
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Black stickers for nail art

These nail stickers are perfect for adding that perfectly straight line to a Russian manicure or pedicure. This product comes with many different line thickness and are very easy to use. You simply peel the sticker from the backing, cut to the desired length and apply. Finish them with a gel polish top coat. 

They are perfect for creating separation of colors, putting that accent on or anything else your creativity will allow you to work with. When using you want to put your gel base coat then the gel nail polish down. After your have applied the polish you then place the nail sticker in the desired location. 

The color is perfect for so many variations of nails such as:

  1. Black and pink nails
  2. Accenting neon colors
  3. Creating checker patterns

We hope that you will enjoy working with these stickers as much as we have!


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