Bronze nail foil

SKU: 19043
Bronze foil for Russian nails. Used specifically with gel nail polish. This strips that you can rub in are attach in full.

Bronze nail foil

SKU: 19043
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Bronze nail foil

Nail foils are so versatile! you can use them as a small accent to compliment a color, a complete back ground to put your nail art over or to cover the entire nail. Creating multiple textures and looks is an easy way to create different looks. You can keep it smooth so it has a mirrored look or "crunch it / crease" to create texture depending on the design you are going for.

While applying the foil you want to make sure that you have a sticky layer of gel polish where you plan to adhere it to. You make the layer sticky by only partially curing the polish in a UV/LED lamp. Once you have your sticky layer of gel nail polish simply pat the foil onto finish with top coat. 

Different looks:

  1. Smooth and reflective - to achieve this look simply keep the foil smooth before applying to the sticky layer of gel
  2. Textured - work the foil in your hand. You can squeeze or crease the foil depending on which type of look you are going for
  3. Use it on top of polish or as a backing to then create art on top of. Same application just decide where you would like it.

This color of nail foil is extremely versatile and allows for you to creating wonderful Russian nails.

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