Buff e-file nail drill bits - Cone narrow, Buffer, for Russian manicure, electric file nail bit

SKU: CC-047
Russian manicure nail drill bits, buffer cone shaped used to buff the nail before gel nail polish application.

Buff e-file nail drill bits - Cone narrow, Buffer, for Russian manicure, electric file nail bit

SKU: CC-047
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Small cone, buffer nail drill bit

These buffer drill bits are used to buff the nail. Instead of having to use a traditional buff you let the nail drill do the work for you. This is especially helpful when you are looking to perform a Russian manicure quicker. Any time you can speed up one aspect of the manicure you should opt to do so. Because all of the little things you can speed up turn into a real time saver.

When using this buffing drill bits you may experience a small amount of silicone residue left over. This is easy to fix simply use a lint free wipe and some alcohol to remove it. One of the things that makes buffing the nails an important part of the Russian pedicure process is to clean and remove all remaining components on the nail which helps for a better gel nail polish application.

The shape of this bit makes it perfect to buff around the edges of the cuticle which are often hard to reach with a traditional nail buffer.

Our bits are professional salon quality and are non painful. Using quality products speeds up manicures and pedicures with out sacrificing for quality.

Shape: Pointed cone

Manufactured in: Russia

Rotating speed/RPM: from 5 000 to 30 000

Diameter (mm): 3

Working part length (mm): 5

Grit: Buff

Used in Russian manicure and pedicure

These cuticle tools are serious and can cause harm. All nail drill bits on this website are quality cuticle tools that are designed to be used by trained manicurists. If you do not know how to use nail drill bits then please seek professional training. We are not responsible for damage using these nail drill bits by people performing machine manicures. You purchase this nail drill bit knowing and understanding the dangers involved in tools.

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