Diamond e-file nail drill bit 025 – rounded cone(soft tip), medium grit, Russian electric file bits

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This tapered cone with a soft tip is used in a dry machine manicure. This is perfect for professional salons or at home manicurists. This bit is used to create a natural nail shine before sculpting with gel polish or acrylic. Used in manicures and pedicures for nail technicians taking nail art to the next level. Create eye popping and catching looks with high quality products.

Shape: rounded cone(soft tip)

Manufactured in: Russia

Rotating speed/RPM: from 5 000 to 30 000

Diameter (mm): 2.5-3.3

Working part length (mm): 8

Grit: medium

Used in machine manicure and pedicure:

  • Lateral nail fold treatment
  • Removing natural nail shine before sculpting with gel or acrylics
  • Crack opening and polishing
  • Callus treatment

These cuticle tools are serious and can cause harm. All nail drill bits on this website are quality cuticle tools that are designed to be used by trained manicurists. If you do not know how to use nail drill bits then please seek professional training. We are not responsible for damage using these nail drill bits by people performing machine manicures. You purchase this nail drill bit knowing and understanding the dangers involved in tools.

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