NOCTÍS Silver metallic chrome nail powder

SKU: 25004
NOCTÍS silver metallic chrome nail pigment powder mirror
Silver pigment powder for manicures and pedicures
NOCTIS Silver pigment powder for use in a manicure

NOCTÍS Silver metallic chrome nail powder

SKU: 25004
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Radiant Silver Chrome Powder – the epitome of sophistication and glamour for your nail art endeavors. Elevate your manicure experience with the mesmerizing shine and mirror-like finish of this exquisite silver chrome powder. In this product description, we delve into the captivating qualities of our Silver Chrome Powder, perfect for creating nail designs that exude timeless elegance.

Key Features:

1. Mirror-Like Shine:

Unleash the brilliance of reflective surfaces with the mirror-like shine of our Silver Chrome Powder. Each application transforms your nails into captivating, high-gloss masterpieces.

2. Versatile Elegance:

Whether you're aiming for a classic chrome manicure, sophisticated nail art, or intricate designs, our Silver Chrome Powder adapts to your creative vision, offering versatility for a range of stunning looks.

3. Long-Lasting Radiance:

Enjoy a prolonged radiant glow as our Silver Chrome Powder boasts a durable finish that resists chipping and fading, ensuring your manicure remains impeccable for an extended period.

4. Easy Application:

The fine texture of our Silver Chrome Powder allows for smooth and hassle-free application. Achieve professional results at home with ease, making your nail art dreams a reality.

How to Use Silver Chrome Powder with Gel Polish:

1. Nail Preparation:

Begin by shaping and buffing your nails to achieve the desired length and smoothness. Cleanse your nails thoroughly to ensure they are free from oils and residues.

2. Base Coat Application:

Apply a high-quality base coat to protect your natural nails and create a smooth surface for the gel polish. Cure the base coat under a UV or LED lamp according to the product instructions.

3. Gel Polish Application:

Apply a layer of your favorite gel polish color as the base. Ensure an even application and cure it under the lamp.

4. Silver Chrome Application:

Using an applicator or sponge, gently rub or buff the Silver Chrome Powder onto the nails. Witness the transformation as the silver hue evolves into a radiant chrome finish. Ensure even coverage for a flawless result.

5. Sealing with Top Coat:

Seal the captivating chrome effect with a high-quality top coat. This final step enhances the shine and ensures the longevity of your manicure. Cure the top coat under the lamp for a durable and glossy finish.

Elevate Your Manicure with Silver Chrome:

Bring a touch of timeless elegance to your fingertips with our Radiant Silver Chrome Powder. From classic chrome nails to intricate and sophisticated designs, the possibilities are endless. Elevate your nail art game and make a statement with the captivating brilliance of silver. Unleash your creativity and let your nails shine with the luxurious luster of our Silver Chrome Powder.


Application brush included

Rub pigment powder onto the dried top coat without a sticky layer.

Rub lightly, remove the pigment residue with a lint-free napkin.

On the second layer of the top, we advise to repeat above process, for a more saturated effect.

After - cover with another layer of top coat.

Step by step with tips

1. Perform normal manicure and add base coat.

2. Apply pigment directly to top coat not a sticky layer

3. Rub on 1 nail at a time. Apply quickly to one nail at time once each is removed from lamp, "on hot top coat"

4. For best results apply it with fingers, or with a silicone brush.

5. Apply primer to the edge of the nail after applying last coat of nail powder.

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