PNB BAS-Relief Gel Paste PNB Black 5 ml

SKU: AA-107
PNB Black gel paint
PNB Black gel paint

PNB BAS-Relief Gel Paste PNB Black 5 ml

SKU: AA-107
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Thick, densely-pigmented gel paste in deep black. For true sculptors of nail aesthetics, lovers of volumetric 3D designs, textured nail art, and the finest lace drawings!

The consistency is cream-like and elastic. Perfectly holds any height used in nail designs, does not flow. Ideal for bas-relief designs with smooth lines and sharp edges.

When creating a masterpiece with BAS-Relief gel pastes, you can use all components of three-dimensional space: length, width, and height. It holds any shape and is fixed during the process of work until the drying stage!

No sticky layer.

Resistant to abrasion and chips. Period of wearability not less than 14 days.

The design with bas-relief gel pastes PNB is completed at the final stage. It is applied over the top without stickiness.

Polymerization time 2 – 3 minutes in the combi-lamp (depending on the height and/or thickness of the layer).

After performing the design with ” bas-relief” gel paste, the nails are not covered with the top.

5 ml

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