PNB builder gel Crystal Pink 50 ml

SKU: AA-093
PNB gel nail polish for Russian manicure

PNB builder gel Crystal Pink 50 ml

SKU: AA-093
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Quantity: 50 ML

Transparent pink single-phase gel for modeling nails with high self-leveling properties, medium viscosity. It has good adhesion to natural nails and is used for modeling nails on both forms and tips.

Instructions for application of universal PNB gels

  1. Remove the cuticle, remove the shine from the nail plate with a nail file 180/240 grit. Remove the dust. Clean nail with alcohol. Apply Nail Dehydrator.
  2. Apply Acid Primer or acid-free Bond Control, depending on the condition of the nail plate. Acid primer is used when the nail plate is very wet and the acid-free primer is suitable for the normal nail plate. Acid Primer should be applied with a semi-dry brush in small amounts, without getting on the skin. The product evaporates from the plate on its own.
  3. As a base use UV/LED Builder Gel Crystal Clear/Crystal Pink of your choice, or other preferred  flexible gel base.It is applied in a thin layer with rubbing movements. Polymerize in LED lamp 30-60 sec.
  4. Put the nail form alternately on each finger and lay out a thin gel layer of desired length and shape, model the architecture of nails with a gel of selected shade. To create an arch, you can put the gel into the lamp for 7-12 seconds, depending on the lamp and use pinching tool to create a c-curve. Then send to the lamp for full polymerization for 60 seconds.
  5. Remove the residual stickiness with Gel Cleanser/Alcohol
  6. Carry out a step-by-step filing with a file 180/240 grit.
  7. Apply UV/LED Quick Top for giving shine and protection against chips and scratches, polymerizing 60 sec.

*If the nail plate is thin, wet, Bio Base can be used as a base coating. It should be applied in a very thin layer, in rubbing movements on the previously prepared nail, polymerizing in the lamp for 30 seconds.

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