PNB Camouflage base coat Light pink gel nail polish

SKU: AA-282
PNB light pink base coat
PNB Camouflage gel polish base coat, light pink

PNB Camouflage base coat Light pink gel nail polish

SKU: AA-282
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UV / LED Camouflage rubber base PNB, light pink

Natural, light, light pink color.

The rubber camouflage base PNB has a thick, dense texture. Camouflage Base PNB pigment completely covers the nail plate. Self-leveling on the nail surface. Does not flow into the side bolsters. Gives the nails a healthy, well-groomed look.

It has all the advantages of the Rubber Base for PNB ExtraPRO Base gel varnish manicure:

Provides better adhesion to the nail plate and the next layer of gel polish

Non-drip, evenly distributed

Strengthens the nail plate


Camouflage Base PNB is ideal for performing French manicure without additional costs — saving materials and time for the master and the client!


Apply to the nail plate treated with a Nail Dehydrator and an acid-free primer (Bond Control) in 1-2 thin layers. In the case of alignment and / or modeling of the nail plate, the first layer is applied with rubbing movements, the second is denser, modeling. Cure each layer in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, in LED, UV / LED lamps for 60 seconds.

8 ml, 17 ml, 30 ml

Manufacturer: Professional Nail Boutique (PNB), USA

Category: base

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