PNB Gel nail tips for extensions

SKU: GG-010
PNB Gel nail tips for extensions
PNB Gel nail tips for extensions
PNB Gel nail tips for extensions
PNB Gel nail tips for extensions

PNB Gel nail tips for extensions

SKU: GG-010
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PNB’s secret weapon Gel Nail Tips is a guarantee of real wow-effect in speed modeling. A unique product that will replace the extension forms, gel and accelerate the process up to 30 minutes! Gel Nail Tips PNB, Soak off will be a salvation from long and tiring nail build-up.

Gel Nail Tips PNB, Soak off are gel nail tips for a luxurious and fast nail extension, which are made from a unique modeling gel. They are durable and flexible. The tips easily withstand everyday loads, absorb shocks and are identical to natural nails!

Gel Nail Tips PNB, Soak off are available in two forms: ballerina and almond.

The box contains 10 sizes of gel tips from 0 to 9, which allows you to choose the desired shape for the client.

Gel tips are easily and quickly fixed on the nails. To do this, you must use a base coat PNB (Scotch Base, ExtraPro Base, Strong Iron Gel). They can also be used in combination with any PNB modeling materials: Builder, IQ and PolyFlex. You can sawdust tips easily. It is very comfortable to work with them.

An important feature of gel tips is that they can be either dissolved in a liquid that contains acetone in the composition, or removed with a cutter. Choose a convenient removal method and work at your own pleasure.

With Gel Nail Tips PNB, Soak off modeling will become a special feature of any manicure artist! Surprise your clients with exquisite extensions that only take minutes.

• 240 pieces
• Transparent
• Shape: ballerina
• 0-9 size
• Made of durable modeling gel
• For working with gel, acrylic, acrylic gel


  1. Low cost of the procedure. To work with gel tips, you only need a base. At the request it is possible to use the gel, while its amount is minimal, in comparison with the usual extension procedure.
  2. Minimum filing. Perfectly smooth tips at the junction with the cuticle are slightly thinner, they fit to the nails perfectly. Thanks to this, the border between a natural nail and a tip is practically absent. If necessary, you can change the length of Gel Nail Tips PNB, Soak off.
  3. Simplicity in work and practicality:
  • No modeling skills are required to work with tips;
  • Templates are not needed when working with tips. Saves the time that master spend on the installation of forms;
  • The ability to extend one nail. It will not differ from the natural one, since the tips have a beautiful architecture.
  1. Speed in work:
  • Extension of one nail takes 1-2 minutes;
  • Tips can be immediately coated with gel polish;
  • The complete extension procedure takes up to 30 minutes.


 Aesthetics: nails extended with gel tips are thin and elastic, indistinguishable from natural ones.

  1. Practicality: from the “back” side of the nail is always clean. The gel material of the tips is not stained during the wear process.
  2. Lightness – nails, made using this technique, are weightless.
  3. The client will appreciate the speed of modeling and will return to the master again and again, since such a unique service takes 3 times less time than usual!


  1. Prepare the nail plate with PNB buff, remove the gloss.
  2. Apply the auxiliary fluids: Nail Dehydrator and Bond Control to the entire plate.
  3. Apply a base coat (Scotch Base, ExtraPRO Base, Strong Iron Gel) all over the natural nail and cure for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Select the desired size of Gel Nail Tips PNB, Soak off.
  5. Apply a base coat (Scotch Base, ExtraPRO Base, Strong Iron Gel) to the contact area inside the tips, approximately ⅓ of the total length.
  6. Press the tips to the nail plate and send it to the lamp for a few seconds. It is possible to use a clothespin or mini-lamp for better fixation.
  7. Dry the base completely for 1-2 minutes.
  8. Smooth out the bonding area with a small layer of base using a thin brush.
  9. Polymerize for 1-2 minutes.
  10. If necessary, shape with a 180 grit file.
  11. Apply color gel polish in 1-2 coats. Polymerize the material for 60 sec.
  12. Cover with PNB top.


If the length of the nails is salon and does not exceed 6 mm from the free edge, then you can immediately apply gel polish and top to the tips. If the length of the nails is more than 6 mm from the free edge, then apply Builder Gel or Strong Iron Gel using a drip method and a sawdust-free technique. (In the case of using the hard gel Builder Gel – the material may be soaked off difficulty, but the nails will wear much better).

Gel Nail Tips PNB, Soak off is an innovative brand development that will allow you to extend the perfect nails with minimal time costs.

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