PNB Gel paint for spider web WEB-Gel, gray 5 ml

SKU: AA-306
Gel paint for grey web nail art
Gray nail gel paint for cobweb design

PNB Gel paint for spider web WEB-Gel, gray 5 ml

SKU: AA-306
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WEB-Gel is an incredibly interesting material for nail design. The thinnest lines will be the final accent in an elegant or daring image. Only with it you can make lines so thin that they become barely noticeable. Hence the name "cobweb".

WEB-Gel is a superelastic and stretchy material. It has a thick, viscous consistency, thanks to which you can easily and very quickly create original designs: geometric lines; whimsical intricacies; unique, exclusive, three-dimensional and embossed drawings.


  • It is applied to any gel, gel polish coating after removing the sticky layer.
  • When working with a brush, the material is collected on the tip of the tool, a dot is placed on the surface of the nail and stretched in the desired directions, creating a pattern. The thickness of the lines depends on the thickness of the tool and the degree of stretching of WEB-Gel.
  • It is polymerized in UV lamps 36W for 2 minutes, in LED, UV / LED for 60 seconds.
  • Covering with a top depends on the desired effect in the design and the application of additional decoration (foil, rhinestones, broths, etc.). When using additional decor, the design is covered with a top.
  • If the cobweb gel is applied to the top-coated nail, it is not necessary to cover it.

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