PNB Gel paint for spider web WEB-Gel, neon pink 5 ml

SKU: AA-311
Pink gel paint for neon web nail art
Nail gel paint for neon pink cobweb design

PNB Gel paint for spider web WEB-Gel, neon pink 5 ml

SKU: AA-311
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WEB-Gel Neon is a neon paint with which beautiful geometric drawings with thin lines are easily and simply made, and the air designs are created perfectly.

Neon Pink — a color inspired by the natural standard of pink -Rose – the color of buds and petals of the rose hips.


  • Super viscous, elastic material – the viscous consistency of the gel allows you to apply the thinnest and most accurate lines that do not break!!
  • High web-gel pigmentation is the most important quality, thanks to which, even the thinnest line will be bright.


  • It is applied to any gel, gel polish coating after removing the sticky layer.
  • When working with a brush, the material is collected on the tip of the tool, a dot is placed on the surface of the nail and stretched in the desired directions, creating a pattern. The thickness of the lines depends on the thickness of the tool and the degree of stretching of WEB-Gel.
  • It is polymerized in UV lamps 36W for 2 minutes, in LED, UV / LED for 60 seconds.
  • Covering with a top depends on the desired effect in the design and the application of additional decoration (foil, rhinestones, broths, etc.). When using additional decor, the design is covered with a top.
  • If the cobweb gel is applied to the top-coated nail, it is not necessary to cover it.

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