PNB Gel paint PNB Art Impress, white 5 ml

SKU: AA-103
PNB gel paint white
PNB gel paint white

PNB Gel paint PNB Art Impress, white 5 ml

SKU: AA-103
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Unique gel paint of incredibly rich white color has a thick dense consistency suitable for stamping design, Chinese painting in the technique of One Stroke. It is suitable for both artificial and natural nails. When you make an imprint with a stamp, the gel paint does not flow, it is great in creating very small details of the drawing, imprinting even the thinnest lines.

Recommendations for application:

  1. Apply the gel paint to the selected pattern on the plate, remove the excess material with a scraper.
  2. Place the pattern on the stamp.
  3. Put in the lamp for 1-2 seconds.
  4. Imprint the picture.
  5. Dry in LED lamp for 1 minute.
  6. Cover with a top. It’s done!

Economical – the remnants of gel paint can be returned to the jar.

The material can be easily removed from the plate with the Gel Cleanser.

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