PNB IQ control natural white 5 ml

SKU: AA-098
PNB gel nail polish for Russian manicure
PNB gel nail polish hard gel for Russian manicure

PNB IQ control natural white 5 ml

SKU: AA-098
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Opaque, natural white. Densely pigmented. To create the perfect in shape smile line of a natural white French.

The intelligent gel of the new generation!

Possesses super flexible, homogeneous, thick consistency.

It does not flow, keeps the shape.

Hypoallergenic composition without odor. Heavy dust does not disperse.

IQ Control Gel PNB is convenient and fast to work with.

Due to the concentration of photoinitiators, the polymerization process is shorter.

The filing is soft and fast.

Density and elasticity allow you to fully control the process of laying the material.

The combination of these factors significantly saves the master’s time.

Package-jar allows to use a material without overspending.

Polymerization time up to 2 minutes in LED, UV/LED (combi) lamp depending on the power of bulbs in the device, the thickness, and shape of the created architecture.

It is applied and distributed with a 2in1 brush-spatula and Nail Prep auxiliary liquid.

The IQ Control Gel PNB product line consists of 4 universal types of material.

Detailed application instructions can be found on the IQ Control Gel home page.

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