PNB Milk white fiber base nail polish 30ml

SKU: AA-209
PNB fiber milk base for a Russian manicure

PNB Milk white fiber base nail polish 30ml

SKU: AA-209
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Fiber UV / LED base with nylon fibers, milky white.

Camouflage, milky white base with a porcelain effect.

Reinforcing base coat with unique properties.

Contains visible nylon fibers that create a strong protective framework on the surface of the nail, at the same time very hard and flexible.

When Fiber Base PNB is applied, the base fibers serve as a reinforcing element. Protects the nail plate from fragility and delamination.

Vitamin E and calcium (Ca), which are part of Fiber Base PNB, have a strengthening effect, the natural growth of healthy nails will resume.

Fiber Base PNB thick, medium viscosity.

Self-leveling on the surface of the nail, filling in irregularities.

Perfect for strengthening, repairing, reconstructing nails, shaping the shape and building up a small free edge.

Ideal base coat for weak, fragile and thin nails.

Has a dispersion (sticky) layer, excellent adhesive properties.

Cures in a 48 Watt UV / LED lamp — 60 sec.

It is used as an independent gel polish coating and as a base for colored gel polish.

Application recommendations:

We carry out standard mechanical preparation of the nail plate.

We process nails with Nail Dehydrator.

Apply Bond Control acid-free primer and air dry for 30 seconds.

Apply the first layer of the base with a thin layer, rubbing in movements. We dry it.

After that we apply 1 more thin layer of the base, not reaching the cuticle 0.5 mm. Take a small drop of Fiber Base PNB on the brush and distribute it evenly over the undried layer, modeling the shape of the nail. Cure in UV / LED lamp for 60 seconds.

Apply color gel polish in 1 – 2 layers, drying each one. Cover the top with a top.


After applying the base layer, wait a few seconds for the Fiber Base fibers to “sink”. Then dry in a lamp.

When applying the second modeling layer of the base, we recommend using a thin brush 10 D PNB.

In case of discomfort when polymerizing the base on a very thin, sensitive nail plate, switch on a less intensive polymerization mode in the lamp.

Quantity: 8ML

-Easy to work with

-Cures in LED/UV

-High pigment, doesn't leave a patchy result

-Goes on smooth

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