PNB Naill Doctor care kit

SKU: AA-300
strengthening and restoring treatment system for weak nails

PNB Naill Doctor care kit

SKU: AA-300
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The set includes:

Pink Nail Treatment PNB, 15 ml
SOS Nail Regenerator PNB, 15 ml
Fixer Top PNB, 15 ml

Nails exhausted by endless coatings need quality restoration, which becomes easy and affordable with the Nail Doctor PNB treatment series!

Pink Nail Treatment PNB is an exclusive express rescue and nail strengthener of pink color with glitter, which stands out for its uniqueness and extremely useful properties. Thanks to the special formula, just 2 weeks of use will change your nails beyond recognition! Pink Nail Treatment PNB acts as a reliable base for regular nail polish, providing a durable and healthy finish.

SOS Nail Regenerator PNB is a unique SOS nail base designed specifically for the restoration of weak, thin and thinned nails after long-term coatings. Thanks to its patented silicon-based formula, it provides comprehensive care and restoration for the nail plate.

Fixer Top PNB is an incomparable top for regular nail polish, which will help create a shiny coating for your nails. Thanks to its unique composition, the product will add a spectacular look and long-term durability to any color of varnish. This is a magic wand for beauties who are interested in high-quality, and most importantly, healthy coverage. Easy and effective to use, Fixer Top PNB will become an indispensable component for your perfect stylish everyday manicure.

Manufacturer: Professional Nail Boutique (PNB), USA

Category: nail and cuticle care

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