PNB strong iron gel ash rose 50 ml

SKU: AA-096
PNB gel nail polish for Russian manicure
PNB gel nail polish for Russian manicure

PNB strong iron gel ash rose 50 ml

SKU: AA-096
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Strong Iron Gel, Ash rose is a delicate, feminine cold pink shade. It favorably distinguishes both the openwork design and the timidly fashionable lace, as well as the classic moon design. Strong Iron Gel in Ash rose is suitable for French and goes well with different color palettes. The gel is ideal for building up a small free edge, self covering, aligning, and strengthening the nail plate.

Recommended layout thickness 1-1.5 mm

Quantity: 50 ML

-Soak-Off gel formula

-Cures in LED/UV

-A reliable tool with extra-stable qualities such as: modeling gel, hard base, primer and strengthening of natural nails

-Excellent adhesion properties. The gel adheres perfectly to natural nails, without chips and cracks. 

-7-free formula – safe for health, as it does not cause allergic reactions and irritation, does not contain toxic substances.

- self-leveling properties, does not flow on the skin, you wont need any filing after application, economical use.

-  low temperature gel

Instructions for using Strong Iron Gel:

  1. Dehydrate the nail plate with NAIL DEHYDRATOR and/or alcohol
  2. Apply an acid-free primer BOND CONTROL on the entire surface of the plate, wait 1 minute to dry out
  3. Rub in a thin layer of gel, departing from the cuticle by 2 mm. Dry in a lamp for 1 minute.
  4. If doing extensions put a nail form and build the desired length with the gel.Cure 1 minute. (if doing natural nails you can skip this step)
  5. Apply the product on the entire surface of the nail, take additional gel drop and do gel leveling, you can turn nail upside down and use thin brush to help leveling . Dry for 60 seconds.
  6. Next you need to remove the sticky layer. If necessary – you can file.
  7. Apply colored gel polish and make the desired design.
  8. Apply a top coat.

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