Roubloff DB13R nail art brush

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These nail brushes are extremely high quality. This line of brushes is designed for gel polish manicure designs. They are specifically designed for nail techs but work great for the at home manicurist as well.

Brush highlights:

• Gel polish

• Perfect for thin lines and fine details

• Round shape

• Squirrel hair

• Birch handle

• Brush #0, #1 or #2

Manufacturer: Roubloff

Country of origin: Russia

Line: DB13R

Please note: This listing is for a single brush. Use the drop down to select the desired product number found in the photos.

Model numbers and specifics

#0: DB1-00,8RN

      -Hair length: 8mm

      -Base of hair diameter: .5mm

#1: DB1-01,0RN

     -Hair length: 10mm

     -Base of hair diameter: 1mm

#2: DB1-02,0RN

     -Hair length: 11mm

     -Base of hair diameter: 2mm

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