STALEKS PRO Classic 12 Cuticle nipper 3mm working part, manicure nail tools, cuticle cutter NC-12-3

SKU: 23146
STALEKS PRO Classic 12 3mm cuticle nipper for a Russian manicure or  pedicure
STALEKS PRO  3mm (quarter jaw) cuticle nipper for combi Russian manicure. The smaller blade length provides better control of cuticle removal
STALEKS PRO 3mm cuticle cutter (nipper) is perfect for creating beautiful Russian nails. The smaller handle allows you to really hold the tool comfortably.
Side view of STALEKS PRO 3mm cuticle nipper shows how much smaller a quarter jaw nipper working part is. Perfect for a Russian pedicure.

STALEKS PRO Classic 12 Cuticle nipper 3mm working part, manicure nail tools, cuticle cutter NC-12-3

SKU: 23146
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Questions to ask while Choosing the Right Cuticle Nipper for You

When you are looking for a cuticle cutter, one of the things that you will discover is there are a lot to variations to choose from. So even if you have read or have experience how to use cuticle nipper, you may have trouble finding the perfect cuticle nippers. Below are some questions that you should ask yourself so you can choose the right one.

Which Jaw Size is Right?

There really is no right answer to this because nipper size is a personal preference. When you choose nippers with a jaw that is smaller, it usually means that you have more control. 

In case you are unfamiliar with different nipper blade lengths shown in mm here is a general guide:

3mm is a quarter jaw, 5mm is a half jaw and 7mm is a full jaw. This cuticle nipper is 3mm so it is a quarter jaw. This is ideal for a person who wants more control while removing cuticles.

Is this handle size right for me?

Choose your nippers’ handle based on your preference and hand size. If your hands are larger you will probably find the larger handle will be more comfortable. Obviously for smaller hands a smaller handle will most likely feel best. This said everything is about preference and always choose which size feels best for you.

These nippers fall onto the smaller size. We recommend it for people with smaller hands or for people who general like to have a smaller handle.

Single spring or dual spring?

The kind of spring you select will depend on your preference for bounce back. The bounce back is less with the single spring and it will bounce away from the handle. There is a greater amount of bounce back with the double spring, and it comes with two springs that bounce off one another.

This cuticle nipper is a dual spring nipper. This makes it perfect for someone who likes to really have the nipper push right back open.

Is quality or price More Important?

Having a professional quality nail tools that last is going to save you money in the long run. Some cuticle nippers can last as long as 10 years because they have blades that you can sharpen over and over. You can get a nipper sharpener or hire a professional service to sharpen them for you. The springs are also replaceable. 

These nippers are from the STALEKS PRO Classic line. The classic line is their entry level nippers. The blades should last 6 to 9 months with daily use. 

Is your nipper for personal or professional use?

Finally, you have to think about whether you are buying these nippers for personal or professional use. If you are going to use them in a nail salon, then you want to choose higher quality. They will last longer than then lower quality ones.

These nippers are fantastic but when you are looking for professional cuticle nippers we recommend the Smart or Expert line from STALEKS

Make sure to ask yourself these questions to help you with choosing the right cuticle nipper. Look through our stock of cuticle nippers and we are sure that you will find one that is right for you. And feel free to contact us with any questions that you have.

The classic line of cuticle nippers are the entry level to the STALEKS PRO nippers but they do not disappoint. 

Product details:

● straight cutting edges with inclination

● used for manicure and pedicure

● durable, highly corrosion-resistant AISI 420 steel

● smooth, seamless stroke when opening or closing the instrument

medical grade stainless steel professional manual sharpening


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