STALEKS PRO Expert 10 cuticle nipper 9mm working part, manicure tool NE-10-9

  • $29.99
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The Expert line of cuticle nippers are the best money can buy. This nipper is designed for nail techs and salons. The expert line of nippers are hand sharpened and fully able to be sanitized and sterilized due to corrosion resistance. All STALEKS tools are built to last meaning they are specifically designed to be resharpened in the future and stay part of your tool bag for years.

● 9mm working part (blade length) Please note the length before purchasing as this is longer than the most common cuticle nipper lengths.

● straight cutting edges with inclination

● better field of view for work zone

● flawless pinching and razor-sharp cutting edges achieved via multilevel sharpening

● unbeatable matching and pivot fine surface sanding guarantee smooth, seamless stroke

highly corrosion-resistant AISI 420 steel, flawless finish and exceptional hardness contribute to long instrument service life


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