STALEKS PRO Expert 20 Double ended curette, pedicure nail tools for ingrown nail PE-20-2

SKU: 23028
STALEKS PRO Expert 20 Double ended curette, pedicure nail tools for ingrown nail PE-20-2

STALEKS PRO Expert 20 Double ended curette, pedicure nail tools for ingrown nail PE-20-2

SKU: 23028
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STALEKS PRO Double-Sided Cuticle Curette – a must-have tool for nail technicians who demand precision and excellence in every salon service. Crafted with finesse by STALEKS PRO, this double-ended curette is designed for optimal cuticle care, ensuring immaculate results for your discerning clientele.

Key Features:

  1. Dual-Ended Perfection: The STALEKS PRO Double-Sided Cuticle Curette boasts two specialized tips, each serving a distinct purpose. With a rounded scoop on one end and a fine hook on the other, this tool offers versatility for comprehensive cuticle maintenance.

  2. Premium Stainless Steel: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this curette guarantees durability and longevity in a salon environment. The corrosion-resistant material ensures the tool remains sharp and reliable, providing consistent performance over time.

  3. Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic handle provides nail technicians with a comfortable grip and precise control during cuticle treatment. The thoughtfully designed shape allows for effortless maneuvering, enhancing your efficiency in delivering top-notch services.

How to Use in a Salon Setting:

  1. Prep the Nails: Begin by preparing the client's nails. Soak their fingertips in warm, soapy water or utilize a cuticle softener to soften the cuticles, making them more pliable for easy removal.

  2. Scoop and Cleanse: Utilize the rounded scoop end to gently scoop away excess cuticle growth. The curved design ensures a smooth and controlled motion, facilitating precise removal without causing discomfort to the client.

  3. Detail with the Hook: Flip the tool to the fine hook end for detailed cuticle work. The pointed tip allows you to navigate tight spaces and address any remaining cuticle remnants with precision.

  4. Sanitize Between Clients: Maintain the highest hygiene standards by thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the cuticle curette between each client. Use an approved sanitizing solution to eliminate any potential contaminants.

  5. Nourish and Moisturize: Complete the cuticle treatment by applying a nourishing cuticle oil or moisturizer. This not only replenishes the skin but also adds a luxurious finishing touch to the salon experience.

Elevate your professional nail services with the precision and versatility of the STALEKS PRO Double-Sided Cuticle Curette – an essential tool for achieving unparalleled excellence in cuticle care.

The STALEKS cuticle tools are the best to work with. Extremely high quality and feel great in your hand.

● recommended for pedicure

● for ingrown nail

● rounded hemisphere does not damage nail plate and skin

● curved nail cleaner shape for superb performance

● for partial callosity removal

● fine non-slip handle for superb grip

highly corrosion-resistant AISI 420 steel, flawless finish and exceptional hardness contribute to long instrument service life.


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