STALEKS PRO PODO 10 cuticle nipper, Russian pedicure nail tools, cuticle cutter NP-10-7

SKU: 23084
STALEKS PRO Russian pedicure tool specifically designed for when you can&
Front view of STALEKS PRIO  Russian pedicure nipper showing the scissor like handle with cuticle nipper blades. NP-10-7 Full jaw pedicure nipper
Side view of a Russian pedicure nipper. Designed to remove cuticle during service. Blade length of 7mm without a cuticle cutter inclination
Close up of STALEKS PRO Russian pedicure nipper showing the full jaw blade

STALEKS PRO PODO 10 cuticle nipper, Russian pedicure nail tools, cuticle cutter NP-10-7

SKU: 23084
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Russian pedicure cuticle nipper

This nipper is a professional nail tool specifically designed for performing high quality pedicures. This tool is unique do to its scissor like handle but cuticle nipper blades. Specifically designed without an inclination (angle) on the blades to get clean clear cuts on the cuticle during service. 

This cuticle cutter takes some time to get used to but once you are familiar with the tool it helps with performing better quality work leaving behind a smooth cuticle for appearance but also with extremely sharp blades it feels nice for a client and prevents any hang nails from forming.

This pedicure nipper is a must have addition especially for those who perform combi-pedi (using multiple cuticle tools) for the job. Add this into a service after using nail drill bits for any part of the cuticle that couldn't be removed during e-file pedicure.

Nipper specifics:

● 7mm (full jaw) working part (blade length)

 cutting edges without inclination

● better field of view for work zone

 classic finger hole size

● manual sharpening

● smooth, seamless stroke when opening or closing the nippers

highly corrosion-resistant AISI 420 steel, flawless finish and exceptional hardness contribute to long instrument service life.


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