Russian manicure, white gel polish and nail decals

Beautiful Russian nails

Russian gel manicure using nail decals with elegant nail art. White gel polish used as the main color, nail decals are line art

The type of manicure

One of the things we love most about a Russian manicure is how clean the cuticles get. If you zoom in very close to this photo you can see that it is extremely difficult to get this result using only cuticle nippers or scissors. Combi manicures are becoming the most common form of manicure because using multiple nail tools are inevitably going to help you get the best results.

Tools and products used

Some of the tools used to create this set are Russian drill bits which were used to remove previous gel nail polish and the diamond bits were used as a cuticle cutter. We always use cuticle pushers in every manicure and we use a nail curette for the majority of our manicures. This set has gel extensions using builder gel and then a base coat was applied. After the base we used white gel nail polish. Then we applied the gel nail decals. Decals are very simple to use and we have a post in our blog if you need a full guide on how to apply nail decals. Finally we finished with top coat. 

What sets a Russian manicure apart?

When you properly perform this style of manicure it should last the entire life of the nails. This is one of the benefits of Russian nails. You remove all of the existing product from a previous salon service. When you soak off nails you can run into the problem of weakening the nail plate and drying out the cuticles which can the life of a manicure shorter and more difficult to perform with dry cuticles.
If you are asking yourself either one of these questions you should head over to the corresponding blog post; What is a Russian manicure? or How to perform a Russian manicure?